Engineers for the Greater Good (EGG) at Northeastern University

As an aspiring social entrepreneur at heart, I thrive in an environment that permits autonomy and pride myself on the ability to learn as I go. For example, I helped develop a social entrepreneurship project during Northeastern University's Engineers for the Greater Good competition. Our eight-person team hoped to invent a solution to prevent loss of tomato seedlings to monsoon rains in Nashik, India. We solved this problem by designing a floating greenhouse to protect the seedlings of small-scale Indian from the severe weather through a controlled nursery environment and shelter.

It was during this contest that I learned about social entrepreneurship and valued my background in MIS. During the project, I focused on facilitating our discussions and keeping the project moving forward during the busy two days of the competition. The process was especially challenging because we had to consider many different aspects, such as agricultural science, greenhouse design, and financial analysis, and it was very easy to get lost in these technical details. I had to often step back and direct our effort toward the project goals. These skills were very important when we needed to completely change direction halfway through the competition. At the end of the contest, our project was awarded third place.

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