MIS 3720: Business Data Management

Managerial and operational decisions in organizations are increasingly based on data stored in computerized databases. The quality of these decisions depends on the quality of the data stored in the database and its design. This course focuses on understanding business databases and their design, and educates students so that they can use existing organizational databases or design and build new organizational databases that are practical and theoretically sound.

To do so, students must be able to link the data needs of organizations with the technology of relational databases. Exercises and exams ensure that students understand relational database concepts and can apply the practical tools used to access, design and develop relational databases. The course project integrates theory with practice through the design and development of a database application to meet specific organizational needs for data.

Project Description:

GMS Database Consulting, Inc., a firm located in MA, was hired to create and design a database for WPI's Helpdesk. The WPI Helpdesk did not record all data gathered from their tickets in a centralized database system before they hired our assistance.

In fact, that is one of the reasons why they did not have meaningful data on queues, tickets per month, backlog times, when the tickets entered the system, how long they were present till they were acted upon and many such factors. Having a database system would keep their data safe, and will help to connect all pieces of ticketing information in a centralize system from which key analyses can be performed and important managerial decisions can be made.

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